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Say "NO" to domestic abuse against women


Our vision is a world where women and girls lead safe, just and equal lives.  

We achieve this through our mission of delivering systems change and empowering women and children who experience domestic abuse, including those in contact with the criminal justice system, to lead safe, just and equal lives in their communities. 

At Virtuous Hearts, we’re a close-knit group brought together by a simple, yet powerful mission—to stand against domestic violence and support the women enduring it. Our journey began from a place of personal understanding and empathy, which drives us to reach out to those facing the harsh realities of abuse. Our team is a mix of dedicated individuals, some professionals and others volunteers, all united in the goal of making a difference. Through a range of initiatives, we provide a safe space, legal advice, counseling, and a platform for survivors to share their stories and heal.

We believe in the essence of community and the change that collective effort can bring about. Every survivor’s story, every volunteer’s hour, and every donation we receive takes us a step closer to a world where the horrors of domestic violence are a thing of the past. At Virtuous Hearts, we’re more than just an organization; we’re a family committed to providing a support system for those in need. By joining hands with local communities and other organizations, we strive to not only provide immediate help but also to instigate a lasting change towards a safer, more understanding society.