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Say "NO" to domestic abuse against women

Our Services

Emergency Shelter and Support

At Virtuous Hearts, we prioritize the immediate safety and well-being of survivors escaping abusive situations. Our emergency shelter is designed to be a secure, comfortable space where individuals can find refuge. Besides providing a safe roof, we ensure access to basic necessities such as food, clothing, and medical care. Our support staff is available around the clock to provide assistance and ensure that the needs of our shelter residents are met promptly.

Counseling and Therapy

Healing from the emotional and psychological scars of domestic violence is a crucial step towards a survivor’s well-being. Our counseling and therapy services are tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual. We have a team of licensed therapists who provide one-on-one counseling, group therapy, and family counseling aimed at processing trauma, rebuilding self-esteem, and developing coping strategies for a healthier mental and emotional outlook.

Legal Assistance

The legal intricacies that follow domestic violence can often be overwhelming for survivors. Our legal assistance services aim to alleviate this burden by providing guidance on obtaining restraining orders, navigating custody issues, and accessing legal representation. We collaborate with local legal firms to offer free or low-cost consultations and representation, ensuring survivors have the necessary legal support to protect their rights and secure a safer future.

Educational Workshops and Support Groups

Knowledge empowers individuals to regain control over their lives. We host various educational workshops covering essential topics like financial literacy, self-defense, and legal rights. Additionally, our support groups provide a nurturing environment where survivors can share experiences, learn from others, and build a supportive network. These sessions aim to equip survivors with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive post-abuse.

Job Training and Placement

Financial independence is often a significant factor in enabling survivors to break free from abusive situations. Our job training programs offer skill development in various fields, aiding individuals in finding stable employment. We collaborate with local businesses and organizations to provide job placement opportunities, creating a pathway towards financial self-sufficiency and a fresh start in the professional realm

Awareness Campaigns

Prevention is as crucial as intervention. Our awareness campaigns are designed to educate the community about the realities of domestic violence, its signs, and how to offer help. Through school programs, community seminars, and online campaigns, we aim to foster a culture of respect, understanding, and proactive intervention to prevent domestic violence before it occurs


Volunteer Opportunities

Community involvement is the backbone of our mission at Virtuous Hearts. We offer a range of volunteer opportunities allowing individuals to contribute in meaningful ways. Whether it’s organizing fundraising events, assisting in community outreach programs, or providing direct support services to survivors, every volunteer effort amplifies our capacity to combat domestic violence and support those affected by it.


Systemic change is vital for a long-term solution to domestic violence. Our advocacy efforts are geared towards influencing policies and legislation that provide better protection and resources for survivors. By collaborating with other organizations, engaging with policymakers, and rallying public support, we aim to contribute to a legal and societal framework that vehemently stands against domestic violence and supports the rights and well-being of survivors.

Our mission

Individual Help

Do you feel unsafe or afraid? Are you frightened of somebody or worried that they might harm you? Are you caught in the criminal justice system?

Psychology Help

Feeling overwhelmed or lost? Are emotional or mental hurdles becoming unmanageable? Facing challenges in understanding your own mind or relating with others?

Support our cause

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Of women have been injured by an intimate partner


Of women have been raped by an intimate partner


Of women have been victims of severe physical violence